Leone Camere d’Autore: your stay surrounded by Art and Beauty

Leone Camere d’Autore is in the heart of Naples, a few steps from the renowned Piazza dei Martiri. Here, in the heart of luxury shopping and Neapolitan nightlife, you can admire the monumental four lions, watching over it day and night while comfortably sitting at one of the many coffee bars.

The rooms and common areas are embellished with furnishings in perfect harmony with local elegance and show great attention to detail.

In almost all the rooms, you’ll find works of art reproductions and ancient paintings. These are part of the Leone family’s collection, owners of the structure, and internationally renowned antique dealers.

The Leone family wanted to bring art into the rooms by sharing the beauty of greatly valued paintings with their guests. These, part of the Leone Art Gallery Collection, include works by Luca Giordano, Mattia Preti known as “Il cavalier the Calabrese” (“Calabrese knight”), Massimo Stanzione,  Salvatore Fergola, and many other masters of Italian art.

Live a luxury experience in Naples

A luxury style made of contrasts. A balanced combination of design objects and classic details, wonderful ceilings vault with delicate classical decorations, antique doors, and floors from other eras. The whole location is a tribute to the beauty of the interior in the stunning setting of Naples city center.

Leone Art Gallery: Leader in antiques for over 40 years

The Leone family has been in antiques for over 40 years. Galleria Leone, now Leone Art Gallery, was founded in 1971 by Ciro Leone, following in the footsteps of his antiquarian father.

The Leone Gallery has its first headquarters in the historic center of Naples, near the National Museum, a reference area for Neapolitan antique dealers of the time.

A decade later, the business moved, strengthened, and improved, to the headquarters in Via Cappella Vecchia 34, in the ancient Palazzo Hamilton. Over the years, the gallery evolved into a prominent international reality, thanks to the specialization in furnishings, and sixteenth and eighteenth centuries objects and paintings.

The company Leone Art Gallery is currently managed by the sons Carmine and Raffaele, who follow the family tradition passionately and with extraordinary commitment, always looking for rare and unique pieces and giving life to collaborations with esteemed international colleagues. Today the Leone family conveys that taste and enjoyment for beauty and art into Leone Camere D’utore’s rooms, creating a unique and exclusive stay experience.

Palazzo Nunziante: history and elegance

Leone Camere D’Autore is in the historic Palazzo Nunziante in via Morelli, in the Naples Chiaia district. The historical-artistic value of the building is enhanced by its setting: the beautiful Piazza dei Martiri, from the Bourbon era Piazza della Pace, one of the most famous places in the city, a few steps from the seafront and the luxury shopping streets of Naples.

The building, designed by the architect Enrico Alvino, and commissioned by Alessandro Nunziante, Duke of Migliano, was built in 1855 on land that previously belonged to the monks of Monte Oliveto.

The structure, consisting of six floors, has a facade on Via Morelli with a smooth ashlar base that characterizes both the ground floor and the mezzanine floor. Above the string course cornice is the attic floor, which, thanks to the alternation of small gables and horizontal cornices, forms a rich and plastic embellishment. The interior resonates with the same elegance as the exterior: a grand representative staircase hosting statues guides visitors to the hall by the nineteenth-century painter Vincenzo Pallotti. Moreover, the small internal private chapel, built in the same period, contains works by major Neapolitan artists, including Domenico Morelli, Paolo de Matteis, and Antonio Busciolano. Finally, the rear part of the building overlooks the Church of Santa Maria Cappella Vecchia‘s courtyard, now converted into the homonymous square.